Korg EX-800 Repair

Bought a broken Korg EX-800 for really cheap with the intention of fixing and upgrading it. Spent way too long trying to understand the internals and getting it to basically work again, and then went ahead with some common mods that were well-documented online.

* Got basic audio working again by swapping the soldered-in battery for a fresh, replaceable one.
* Re-loaded the the factory patch bank.
* Replaced all audio jacks to clean up noise.
* Replaced the power jack.
* Cleaned up the button contacts, but ended up just replacing all the buttons (to get around double- and non-presses).
* Added potentiometers to the main panel for cutoff and resonance (normally these are only available as parameters, requiring many button presses).

Still considering 3d-printing new buttons (some of the old ones broke during my work), and adding a switch to jump between 2-pole and 4-pole filtering. But I was sick of this sitting on my desk and not getting used out in the studio... so perhaps more work later!



Project Started 9/10/2022
Project Finished 12/6/2022
Posted 12/22/2022 5:37:31 PM
Edited 12/22/2022 6:25:19 PM