Mastering Desk

Also known as Mixing Desk #3.

After a couple years using my control surface-oriented mixing desk (and veering toward more outboard gear), it was time for another workflow re-orientation. The gear needed to be easier to reach without having to leave the listening sweet spot. The preamps, interface, and other components I tweak less often would move farther away from the mix position.

I took a hybrid approach: a mastering-style desk with extra room for faders. Incorporated 30U of immediately-accessible rack space, 18U of rack space below, a section for compact control surfaces, and an accessory drawer.

I lucked out at the big box store when sourcing plywood, and came across quite a few sheets of birdseye maple. This inspired the decorative side panels and provided support for the front and back shelves, as well as a means of partial disassembly.



Project Started 10/26/2022
Project Finished 6/9/2023
Posted 10/7/2022 2:57:27 PM
Edited 7/5/2023 5:09:15 PM