FX Sidecar

Needed a place to start pulling rack-mount FX units out of my main mixing desk racks (allowing more ventilation for the preamps, compressors, and tubes there). Filled it in with my new 2600 and miscellaneous guitar and Eurorack FX units I've had stored in the closet. The angle matches the racks on my mixing desk. I had 24U of extra rack rails lying around, so I bought enough extra to get to 16U per side.

1 sheet of plywood, baby! This also served as an experiment with Minwax black stain (as opposed to the black spray lacquer I used on other studio furniture). The finish is definitely more durable than lacquer, but less repairable. And the first clear coat pulled some of the color out... usually this is barely noticeable, but on black it made it look "aged." Trade-offs.

Added an extra shelf a few months later.



Project Started 1/15/2022
Project Finished 1/23/2022
Posted 2/23/2022 2:57:28 PM
Edited 7/5/2022 3:30:46 PM