Rearranging the Studio

The studio at my new house has never quite worked for me. I hate the carpet, I've never hung my sound absorption foam, the lighting wasn't right, and it became a total mess of equipment scattered everywhere. I haven't wanted to do much with it because it felt like doing anything meant doing everything (i.e., leveling the floors and installing new ones, building walls, painting, raising the ceiling, re-wiring, etc).

On the road to all these things, I needed to try a better arrangement to feel things out before committing to walls, and I needed to get it to sound better so I could finish mixing a couple albums I've been working on. In that vein, I decided to do a few necessary things to get it oriented similar to how it will be in its final form. Couldn't hurt to try.

I pulled up the tile that's always been in my way, ripped out some of the carpet to see how bad the concrete really was (pretty bad, but not unreasonable), and I decided to finally hang all my sound baffling. Though it's still not perfect, I enjoy being out there much more now than I did. We'll see how it goes... but I'm already inspired to do it all for real. Maybe in the next year or so.



Project Started 1/11/2018
Project Finished 1/28/2018
Posted 1/30/2018 11:40:56 PM