Handscrew Clamp Rack

Why play Tetris when you can use your spatial reasoning skills to solve real-world organization problems?

My handscrew clamps were high up because there's not enough horizontal room for them with the rest of the clamps. I barely used them because they were tough to reach, despite a recurring need to clamp non-parallel surfaces. It was time to build some proper storage for them, rather than just attaching them to whatever cleat is currently free.

Found some 2x4 and plywood scraps around the shop:

Cut up the 2x4 into posts that the clamps could hang on, taking up vertical space rather than horizontal. Getting everything fitted:

Cutting the backer board to width:

Tada! These fit much better into my current clamp wall. And they're self-supporting this way, so I don't have to screw and unscrew them to hang or take them down.



Project Started 6/25/2017
Project Finished 6/25/2017
Posted 7/9/2017 8:38:08 PM
Edited 11/19/2021 3:02:48 PM